About project HERE

An exploration of what it means to live HERE.

What does it mean to live HERE, to be HERE, and to grow HERE?

These are questions that Americans are asking themselves now more than ever before. What makes a town a community? And how do we find our place in the rich cultural tapestry that connects us to our neighbors and local businesses?

Project HERE was created as a way to explore the dynamics within our American towns that inspire a shared sense of welcoming and belonging. Through a range of exhibits, activities, tools and techniques, Project HERE strives to give a voice to the people who make their community so unique and spirited, so interesting and enriching.

We believe that when people truly understand why they live where they do they become stewards of a healthier cultural and commercial environment. They’re more likely to seek out locally produced products, to support local charities and engage in local events and politics. Essentially, creating the kind of community we can all feel good about. HERE.