Julie Evans Rossotti

September 5th, 2010

Julie is a fourth generation rancher who has been devoted to raising livestock since she could walk. From her Grandfathers dairy to her parent’s beef cattle operation Julie has firsthand knowledge of the commitment it takes to be a successful livestock producer. Since Julie was a young girl she would help her parents, neighbors, and friends with their cattle operations. Working alongside her parents for many years, she has learned the essential responsibilities, health management techniques and business aspects needed to manage a successful livestock operation.

Julie has owned a herd of both registered and commercial beef cattle for over twenty years.  Wanting to diversify, about 4 years ago, Tony and Julie developed an interest in the production of African Boer Meat Goats. Their interest quickly became a new found passion. After sharing a ranch with family members for a few years, Tony and Julie purchased their first ranch this Spring! Currently their herd of Boer Goats are located on both ranches – The family’s H Ranch in Point Reyes and The Rossotti Ranch in Petaluma.


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