Conway Chang

September 17th, 2010

Design is a continuation of my passion for knowledge and nature.   My goal is to create a sense of place and to provide opportunities for the clients/users to engage nature in their daily life.  This daily engagement to nature provides healthy and better quality of life than doses of “lifestyle medications”. Good design celebrates the potential that can be found in any place through experimentation.  Research is a critical step in my design process.

The connection between the land and the people is very important for me and my work.  To design, I research the site – soil, water, air, temperature, the history, the people and their livelihood.

The place I loved in my travel is place one finds connection of people, between people and to the place.  A place of value to share and to celebrate.

Sonoma is a beautiful place that has rich land, nice landscape and hard working people.  Sadly, it is also a place on the go, one is constantly in the car driving fast or stuck in the traffic fuming.

“The future of Sonoma depends on how it
shares and celebrates its value.”

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