A&F Music

September 19th, 2010

On  Stage at 2:15
Arann Harris & The Farm Band

We make pesticide free music. No overdubs, no edits, RAW.

Like conventional farming, our belief is that the creation of music has become overproduced,
poisoned by progress and ignores where we have come from.

Organic farming is not new, it has just been rediscovered… our music is the same.
We are not doing anything new, just reminding people of our American musical history and
folding in our unique Sonoma County perspective.

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On  Stage at 12:45
The Easy Leaves

The Easy Leaves performances span the gap between the worlds of raucous barroom revelry
and Sunday morning gospel-tent revivals. Hinting that the spirit of rowdy drunken celebration
and old-time revival salvation may not be as separate as some might think.
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On  Stage at 11:45
David Luning

David Luning’s award-winning original songs, charming personality, and warm rich voice captivate audiences. With insights beyond his 23 years, clever humor and poignancy, he draws them into a folk/Americana world both familiar and new. David’s songs include surprising insights into love and car troubles, tales of ramblin’ and homesick desperation, and foot stompin’ sing-alongs. His voice has a rich timbre which captivates and soothes.  People have often commented that his lyrics remind them of a young John Prine or Bob Dylan.

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